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‘As an organisation they fit seamlessly into professional project teams and their method of engagement with their

client, both Vela and, most recently, the emerging Thirteen Group has been consistent and of great value to the delivery of our Accommodation Strategy.’


The most iconic interpretation of this concept are the 2 feature stairs that

create a short circuit within the office

wings for departments to collaborate vertically as well as more traditional horizontal collaboration.


The bold move to cut 2 holes in the

new office floor plates has not only captured the imagination of Thirteen,

it has increased the number of essential and desirable adjacencies achieved between different departments within

the building.

Thirteen Group

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'A Framework of Possibilities’


The original appointment for this project was with North East Housing Association, Vela Group, to produce a high-performance development brief for their new build headquarters in Northshore, Stockton utilising our Performance + consultancy service.


Further to the development of this Corporate Brief, Vela merged companies with another large North East Housing Association, Fabrick to form Thirteen Group. ‘Joining in partnership meant sharing expertise, resources and costs, achieving savings without reducing services and allowing the partners in the group to

focus on the needs of their tenants, clients and neighbourhoods and provide genuine opportunities, looking for the potential in everyone.’


Thirteen Group strives to challenge perceptions and see things differently, the

brand provides a framework of possibilities to raise the aspirations of tenants and communities as a whole.












Our proposals for the fit out of the approx. 4000sqm new build office headquarters provide a range of character areas based on our ‘office-town’ concept in which to undertake activity based working. The proposals have been developed by engaging closely with departments to understand their

requirements and more subtle nuances for their spaces.


The office space is designed to increase the opportunities for chance social interactions, to foster new relationships within Thirteen and promote expertise sharing. Chance social interactions have been encouraged by providing ‘active streets’ in the office that include locations to break away and carry on a conversation started in passing.


Client: Thirteen Group

Location: Stockton

Value: £1.6m

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