“Performance + has helped us refine our brief to achieve greater efficiencies and savings through our ambitious portfolio rationalisation programme. With the assistance of Performance + we will have moved from 1 person per 24 sqm to 1 person per 8 sqm, along with desk sharing and task based working.”

Ivano Spiteri

Strategic Manager - Leisure, Buildings and Facilities Management

Wigan Council

“Performance + has been an integral part of the Council’s team to develop a Corporate Standard, Smarter Working Policy and Organisational Fit. This process included engaging with staff and stakeholders to inform the final outcome and ensure it met the Council’s needs.”

James Crawley MRCS

Lead for Corporate Projects - Economy and Environment

Calderdale Council

“As an organisation they fit seamlessly into professional project teams and their method of engagement with their client, both Vela and, most recently, the emerging Thirteen Group has been consistent and of great value to the delivery of our Accommodation Strategy.”

Phil Cowan

Project Lead

Thirteen Group

Our clients

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