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The Performance + process helps us to generate a holistic, 3-dimensional profile of you and your organisation in relation to your people, processes and property. The data collected through this process reflects both the corporate and personal needs of the organisation and provides a clear audit trail and evidence-base for future decision making and investment.


Our Performance + services have been developed to maximise the potential of this information in the development of the following:


• Corporate Business Strategy

• Organisational Design

• Estates Strategy

• High Performance Project Briefs for new-build or refurbishment projects

• Operational Briefs and User Guides

• Organisational ‘Fit’ studies

• Engagement and Consultation Strategies

• Development of Smarter/Agile Working (and other) policies

• Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluation

• Migration/Move Management Strategies

• Soft Landings

• Change Management

• Corporate Standards


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