Client: Newcastle NHS Trust

Location: Gosforth

Value: £2.6m

Regents Point

'Healthy office for healthcare workers’


Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust operate 3 major hospitals across the region and employ around 1200 staff in a variety of administrative functions. The acquisition of a new office building provided the opportunity to reduce

costs and improve organisational performance through the consolidation of disparate departments, changes in the way staff work, changes in the policies and processes that support them and through the design of an interior which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the organisation.


The Trust commissioned our specialist workplace consultancy service (Performance +) to establish a robust, evidence-based baseline which helped to inform decisionmaking and investment. By adopting this holistic approach the Trust had the opportunity to achieve the following:


• Help to support and deliver the Corporate Vision and Strategy;

• Strengthen Corporate Identity and brand;

• Optimise the need for physical workspace;

• Meet the physical, spatial and cultural needs of staff;

• Nurture and retain staff and reduce absenteeism;

• Maximise the performance of individuals, teams and departments; and

• Improve the delivery of services.

Our proposed ‘Healthy Office’ concept reflects the Trusts’ aspirations and seeks to create an environment that contributes to the physical, psychological, social,

environmental, and economic wellbeing of staff and visitors. The opportunities of this approach are numerous and varied but ultimately a healthy workforce is

a happy and productive one that will benefit the Trust by improving output against fewer costs.


Regent Point has the opportunity to become a benchmark for the Trust, providing a stimulating and inspiring workplace for staff and supporting the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s stated aim to promote ‘healthy living and lifestyles’.


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