What is Performance +?

Performance + is a strategic business service that

enables you to understand, articulate and optimise

the relationship between your people, your processes and your property. With an emphasis on listening, learning, leading and sharing, Performance + can

help to deliver sustainable business value through a

transformation in the way people work and how

space can be used (often referred to as ‘modern

methods of working’ or ‘flexible’ working).



Reaching the holy grail of improved

staff performance against fewer costs

With staff costs equating to around 80% of corporate expenditure (and property just 8%) it is clear that the greatest investment impact is to be gained in creating inspiring environments that benefit your critical

asset and cost item i.e. your staff.

Evidence suggests that a 1% improvement in productivity can be more than a 30% reduction in the cost of your property.


Performance + is about ensuring you have..., tomorrow and into the future

What difference will Performance + make?

Organisations are in a continual state of flux

and subject to changes driven by economics,

demographics, technology and the environment. The need to become more agile, flexible, resilient

and responsive to change is greater than ever

but the drivers for change are varied, complex

and unique to every organisation. However,

the benefits of taking a holistic view of your

company are significant and can include:

  • Improved staff performance (and productivity) against fewer costs

  • Improved job satisfaction, staff retention and recruitment

  • Reduced energy usage and associated running and maintenance costs

  • Positive cultural, physical and technological change

  • Strengthened corporate brand & identity

  • Future, ‘spaceless’ growth

  • Improve integration of business processes & property in supporting the way people work



Express the


Increase value

reduce cost

Attract and

retain staff

Support cultural






Reduce environmental impact

Who is Performance + for?

Performance + can add value to any organisation that

is seeking to improve the performance of their people, process and property. Our clients span the public and private sector and include local authorities, health trusts, universities and private companies.

If you are considering change in your organisation, want to gain a competitive advantage in your sector or improve productivity and profitability then please contact us to discuss how we can support you in making the process inclusive, empowering and ultimately successful.

Our clients

How does

Performance + work?

Performance + positions your organisation at the heart

of the project, the outcome of a project is not necessarily a new building but a transformation of the way people work and how space can be used. Our service seeks to get under the skin of your organisation (i.e. your vision, strategy, processes, people and property) and we have developed our own unique tools and methodologies (including research, auditing, facilitation, interviews, questionnaires, workshops and benchmarking) to
carry out this work. This process enables us to:

  • Demystify the process and make the intuitive explicit and measurable

  • Simplify the complex layers of your organisation and make it understandable by all

  • Communicate detailed information in a clear, concise way using a variety of graphic techniques

  • Adopt a pro-active, personal approach to engagement with a focus on listening, learning, leading and sharing

  • Provide a clear audit trail and evidence-base for decision-making and investment

What our clients say

“Performance + has helped us refine our brief to achieve greater efficiencies and savings through our ambitious portfolio rationalisation programme. With the assistance of Performance + we will have moved from 1 person per 24 sqm to 1 person per 8 sqm, along with desk sharing and task based working.” “Performance + has been an integral part of the
Council’s team to develop a Corporate Standard,
Smarter Working Policy and Organisational Fit. This process included engaging with staff and stakeholders to inform the final outcome and ensure it met the Council’s needs.”

Ivano Spiteri

Strategic Manager - Leisure, Buildings and Facilities Management

Wigan Council

James Crawley MRCS

Lead for Corporate Projects - Economy and Environment

Calderdale Council

What is unique about Performance +?

Performance + is a different type of consultancy service with an emphasis on openness and collaboration;

generosity in being prepared to engage and share ideas; an inquisitiveness combined with a calculated willingness to enter uncharted territory; and above all an appetite for
a challenge and an entrepreneurial drive.

Wigan Council Project Statistics





This approach:

  • Positions you and your staff at the heart of the project

  • Includes knowledge-transfer to enable and empower you and your staff and support ongoing cultural change

  • Generates a holistic, 3-dimensional profile of your organisation

  • Creates a practical, co-ordinated and integrated
    foundation for the implementation of physical and cultural change.













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